Members of the AFCs (left) listen virtually to Sec. Dar (right) as he appeals to the private sector’s support to achieve the 2.5% agriculture growth this 2021.

When the “perfect storm” hit the country in 2020, Agriculture Secretary William Dar emphasized the significant contributions of the agri-fishery private sector-partners in achieving a modest growth of one percent in the sector.

During the 6th National Agriculture and Fisheries Volunteers’ Day Celebration on January 7, 2021, the Agriculture Chief once again appealed to the members of the Agricultural and Fishery Council (AFC) and the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries (PCAF) employees for their support as he bared the Department’s 12 key strategies or popularly known as the “OneDA” framework.

The “OneDA” framework serves as a guide of the Department in pursuing major programs and activities in 2021 and achieving a modest 2.5% agriculture sector growth. The framework will help the country after it is hit by the effects of the pandemic, African Swine Fever, and typhoons or what is called the “perfect storm” that caused havoc in the sector.

“We will once again bank on the support and commitment of our AFCs and PCAF, as we, in the DA family carry out as what we call today the ‘OneDA’ framework. This will be a ‘OneDArful’ 2021,” said Sec. Dar.

The Secretary shared the “OneDA” framework to the AFCs and PCAF few days after he lined up the strategies to the Department’s first management committee meeting, along with heads and officials of DA family.

He also explained to the participants, who were present online and on site, that the 12 key strategies are part of the “New Thinking” in Philippine Agriculture. These strategies are the major directions in the strategies to perform the “New Thinking” under the “OneDA” framework.

“Starting this year, we will now pilot PAFES nationwide, one province per region. One of the major objectives of PAFES is to showcase the leadership of the local government units (LGU) as prime movers and prime frontliners in ensuring food security in their respective LGU,” clarified Sec. Dar.

He also added that the engagement of the private sector, through the National Banner Program Committees of the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries (PCAF), will be sustained, improved, strengthened, and properly represented.

Aside from these, the servant-leader also emphasized the importance of transparent procurement processes through the help of the Integrity Circles, where the AFCs are part of.

“Let us see to it that the principles enunciated by the Ease of Doing Business Law will be properly followed through, including that of transparent procurement processes,” added Sec. Dar.

Note: AFCs is now a collective term for the National Banner Program Committees (NBPCs) and the Regional, Provincial, Highly Urbanized City, Independent Component City, and Municipal Agricultural and Fishery Councils (RAFC, PAFC, HUCAFC, ICCAFC, and MAFC). ###JC