I. Department of Agriculture Freedom of Information Manual

II. Agency

a. Mandate
b. Mission
c. Vision
d. Key Officials
e. Citizen’s Charter
f. PCAF Employees’ Handbook

III. Annual Financial Reports (whole year/as of December end of the year/4th Quarter. Incomplete or non-cumulative will not be counted)

a.) 2014-2016 FAR No. 1. SAAOBDB

a.1. 2016 FAR 1
a.2. 2015 FAR 1
a.3. 2014 FAR 1

b.) 2013-2016 FAR 4 Summary Report on Disbursement

b.1. 2016 FAR 4
b.2. 2015 FAR 4
b.3. 2014 FAR 4
b.4. 2013 FAR 4

c.) 2013-2016 Financial Plan

c.1. 2016 BED1
c.2. 2015 BED1
c.3. 2014 BED1
c.4. 2013 BED1

d.) 2013-2016 BAR 1

d.1. 2016 BAR1
d.2. 2015 BAR1
d.3. 2014 BAR1
d.4. 2013 BAR1

e.) 2013-2016 BED 2 Physical Plan

e.1. 2016 BED2
e.2. 2015 BED2
e.3. 2014 BED2
e.4. 2013 BED2

IV. DBM Approved Budget and Targets (only for current year) 

a.) 2014-2016 Targets, MFOs and GAA Targets

a.1. 2016
a.2. 2015
a.3. 2014

b.) Budget 2016

V. Projects, Programs and Activities, Beneficiaries, and Status of Implementation 

Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries Final Scorecard (FY 2016)

VI. Annual Procurement Plan

a.) Annual Procurement Plan 2017
b.) Annual Procurement Plan 2016
c.) Annual Procurement Plan 2015
d.) PhilGEPS Posting

VII. System of Ranking Delivery Units

a.) 2017
b.) 2016
c.) 2015


VIII. Quality Management System Certified by international certifying body or Agency Operations Manual

 Quality Management System Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries