In a recent report from the Romblon Provincial Agricultural and Fishery Council (PAFC) monitoring team, it was revealed that there was a stable supply of live hogs in the province as a result of the issuance and implementation of an executive order (EO) from the office of Governor Jose Riano early this year.

The team, led by PAFC Chairperson Nemuel Motin, conducted the price monitoring activity in the municipalities of Looc, Odiongan and  San Agustin on September 3 to 5, 2021.

EO No. 2, which started in February, temporarily bans the transport of live hogs outside the province of Romblon gradually to ensure the stability of the price of pork in the market. 

Before the issuance of the EO, the price of pork in other areas, including Metro Manila, had been rising due to the effects of the African Swine Fever (ASF) scare. 

As one of the provinces in the country that is ASF-free, the local government unit of Romblon regulated the transport of live hogs to steady the supply of pork by-products and avoid the shortage of live hogs.

The Romblon AFC monitoring team found out that the province experienced a shortage of live hogs from May to July this year because some businessmen would procure hogs at unreasonable prices. 

According to the report, another reason was that other backyard hog growers took the opportunity to earn higher income by transporting the hogs in Metro Manila.

Although there is a stable supply, the monitoring report presented that there is no uniform prices of live hog and pork in the province. Piglet price increased  from PhP1,500 to PhP3,500.

The monitoring team recommended that the Municipal Agricultural Office of every municipality should initiate programs for the benefit of small-scale or backyard hog raisers to maintain the availability of live hogs and piglets in the province.

Another recommendation of the monitoring team is for Hog Breeding Centers to  be implemented in the province. As of this writing, the report will be submitted to the concerned offices for proper action. | JB