In the last National Food Security Summit (NFSS) on May 18-19, 2021, the Department of Agriculture (DA) saw the effectiveness of engaging a wide range of stakeholders in harnessing participation of the agriculture and fishery value chain players.

Through the issuance of a Special Order No. 654, s. 2021, DA created the Agriculture and Fishery Commodity Industry Roadmap Development Teams (CIR-RDTs) and designated Focal Persons to spearhead the formulation of each roadmap and guarantee the involvement of stakeholders and their ownership of the industry process and outputs.

The CIR-RDTs is composed of the industry players and technical experts from the various government industries.

PCAF, as DA’s participatory arm, is tasked to ensure the active participation of stakeholders and government agencies and facilitate and provide full Secretariat Support in the consultation activities for each commodity program. It  also prepared the detailed budget required to successfully accomplish tasks that the agency and commodity programs would fund.  The technical secretariat from PCAF designated as focal persons for the CIRs are listed below.

DA allocated PhP5M for each roadmap to PCAF taken from the commodity programs.

As of this writing, there are already 12 CIR drafts presented to the respective NBPCs. In total, there are 11 approved CIRs for endorsement to the Secretary, subject to the final comments of the Committee members. 

The approved CIRs include ( See related articles on PCAF website):

  1. Swine Commodity Industry Roadmap (CIR)
  2. Shrimp CIR
  3. Seaweed CIR
  4. Tilapia CIR
  5. Milkfish CIR
  6. Shellfish CIR
  7. Mango CIR
  8. Onion CIR
  9. Vegetables CIR
  10. Coffee CIR
  11. Cacao CIR                                                                                                                                                                               

In the September 15 Management Committee meeting, Secretary William Dar directed PCAF, through OIC Executive Director Liza Battad, to “oversee the completion of all commodity roadmaps within the year”.  

Currently, PCAF is facilitating third quarter and special meetings of the different National Banner Program Committees, wherein part of the agenda was the development of CIRs for submission to the Office of the Secretary by September 27, 2021. | JCL