The Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries (PCAF) conducted a virtual meeting between the Department of Agriculture (DA) and pork producers on March 25 and pork traders and retailers on March 30, 2021, to discuss cost structure on pork with the aim to maintain a profitable and sustainable industry for the key players in pork while providing affordable prices for the consuming public.

DA’s National Livestock Program (NLP) presented an initial computation of PhP340/kilo for pork. However, the pork stakeholders brought up during the consultations that the NLP should reconsider the presented additional inputs and other expenses that were laid out.

Meanwhile, in the case of imported meat, the traders and retailers expressed their support for pork importation as it may aid in stabilizing and lowering the market price of pork as long as there is an SRP imposed for imported pork to ensure that it will be sold at reasonable prices.

DA also expressed during the meeting that it could facilitate a direct procurement of pork between retailers and producers to eliminate the middlemen in the value chain which causes additional cost and thus resulting in higher prices of pork products. It was also emphasized during the meeting that backyard farms/raisers should be given more protection to ensure sufficient production. ###CCB