PCAF Executive Director Sarah Gutierrez-Cayona delivers her opening message during the start of the workshop on May 9, 2019.

In line with optimizing the agency’s management system towards effectively delivering its mandate for the local agriculture and fishery sector, the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries (PCAF) conducted a two-day workshop for the enhancement and harmonization of rating scale for Division and Individual Performance Commitment and Review (DPCR and IPCR) forms, and orientation on the Program to Institute Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM), on May 9 to 10, 2019 at the Timberland Sports and Nature Club in San Mateo, Rizal.

Involved in the two-day activity were the Agency’s top management led by Executive Director Sarah Gutierrez-Cayona, OIC-Deputy Executive Director Alexander Daroya, Division Chiefs Estrella Tulay of PMKMD, Julieta Opulencia of PDCD, Elgie Namia of PDD and Fidelia Andres of AFMD, and senior staff composed of Assistant Division and Section Chiefs, as well as selected personnel from different PCAF Operating Units.

In her opening message, PCAF Executive Director Gutierrez-Cayona noted that proper crafting of the agency’s DPCRs and IPCRs would optimize the work assignments of each PCAF Operating Unit and staff in contributing to the progress and growth of the local agriculture industry.

“Making an efficient set of DPCRs and IPCRs is essential for PCAF, as it would identify whether we, as an organization has been effectively discharging our duties and tasks in line with our mission, that is towards enhancement of participatory and collaborative governance, alongside those in the private sector, in the attainment of creating policies aimed at developing the country’s agriculture and fishery sector,” noted the PCAF head.

With Civil Service Commission (CSC) Field Director for DA and DENR Fe Lacaba serving as resource person, PCAF officials and personnel were briefed on the details of the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS), in which the DPCRs, IPCRs and the Office Performance Commitment and Review (OPCRs) form a vital aspect of the system.

According to Director Lacaba, implementing a sound SPMS in an organization would enable identification of activities which are essential in achieving performance goals. She further stressed that management should ensure that work assignments and activities given to a particular employee significantly contribute to optimizing the performance of an agency.

CSC Field Director for DA and DENR Fe Lacaba shares details and relevant information on the SPMS and PRIME-HRM before workshop participants on May 9, 2019.

“Kailangan maensure natin (as management), na ang ginagawa ng bawat empleyado ay contributory in the attainment of the organization, division or unit performance goals. Dapat naka-align tayo. Kasi kung hindi ay kahit gaano ka-busy ang tao sa isang ahensiya pero kung ang ginagawa ay wala namang kwenta, ibig sabihin ay hindi ‘yan nakakacontribute,” said Director Lacaba.

During the course of the two-day activity, PCAF Operating Units, guided by their respective Division Chiefs, modified and presented their DPCRs and IPCRs for critiquing and soliciting feedback for improving the content of their respective Performance forms.

PCAF OIC-Deputy Executive Director Alexander Daroya hands over a Plaque of Appreciation to CSC Field Director for DA and DENR Fe Lacaba during the closing ceremonies on May 10, 2019.

In turn, Director Lacaba provided valuable inputs towards enhancing not only the DPCRs and IPCRs of the agency, but also for its SPMS as she recommended supervisors to perform Coaching and Mentoring activities to their subordinates. This practice is integral to crafting the Individual Development Plan (IDP) which is likewise a key aspect in the implementation of SPMS in an agency.

As response, PCAF’s Performance Management Team (PMT), headed by OIC-Deputy Executive Director Daroya, informed the participants that the agency shall be conducting the aforementioned Coaching and Mentoring activity as part of addressing the requirements set in the SPMS.

Supplementing the discussion on SPMS, Director Lacaba also briefed on the details of the PRIME-HRM, which is a human resource management tool. She also added that PCAF has been chosen as one of the government agencies that will be assisted by the CSC in achieving Level 2 status.

“Isa kayo (PCAF) sa napili na kailangan i-assist ko para maipasa ‘yung Level 2 indicators. Kung maipasa natin ito ay magkakroon kayo ng benefit which is magkakaroon kayo ng authority to act on your own appointment. Ibig sabihin, ang magaapprove na ng appointment ninyo is your appointing authority. Dadalhin na lang ang mga ito sa CSC for monitoring and post-evaluation,” said Director Lacaba.    


Participants of the PCAF Workshop on enhancement and harmonization of rating scale for Division and Individual Performance Commitment and Review (DPCR and IPCR) and Program to Institute Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM) at the conclusion of the activity on May 10, 2019.

Closing the activity, OIC-Deputy Executive Director Daroya also mentioned that this activity seeks to enhance the image of PCAF as a model agency for the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) and PRIME-HRM, in which PCAF seeks to attain Level 2 accreditation within FY 2019.

“Let us work together, tayong lahat ng empleyado dito sa PCAF para maattain natin ang Level 2 status of accreditation for PRIME-HRM. Together, we are looking to achieve that by year’s end,” noted OIC-Deputy Executive Director Daroya. –AE