PCAF Executive Director Sarah Gutierrez-Cayona answers queries raised by the private sector stakeholders during the open forum on participatory monitoring activities of the agency.

Officials and selected staff of the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries (PCAF) and representatives of its Advisory Special Bodies (ASBs) gathered on July 11-13, 2018 at Lohas Hotel, Clark, Pampanga for the performance review of this year’s first semester accomplishments.  

Planning, Monitoring and Knowledge Management Division (PMKMD) Chief Estrella Tulay highlighted the importance of conducting a performance review as she enumerated the objectives of the activity.

PMKMD Chief Tulay presented PCAF’s over-all physical and financial performance with an emphasis on activities that constituted the major final output of the agency by programs, activities, and projects (PAP).

For PAP 1, development and coordination of agriculture and fishery policies, PCAF’s achievement in terms of the number of policy resolutions endorsed resulted in 60% accomplishment. With a total target of 227 policy resolutions for the 1st semester, the National Sectoral and Strategic Concerns Committees (NSSCCs) endorsed 39 policy resolutions while the Agricultural and Fishery Councils (AFCs) endorsed 97 policy resolutions.

The Committees on Commercial Crops, International Trade, AFMech and the Technical Working Committee/Special Budget Committee were recognized for accomplishing more than 100% policy resolutions endorsed.

On the other hand, the RAFC MIMAROPA and RAFC Central Luzon endorsed policy resolution more than its targeted number resulting in an accomplishment of above 100%.

The ASBs also accomplished 70% of the targeted number of consultations/workshop facilitated from January to June 2018 although nine committees of the NSSCC and the RAFC Northern Mindanao accomplished more than 100% of its targeted number of consultations/workshop facilitated.

However, the Municipal AFCs posted 49% accomplishment as to the total number of consultations with 28% accomplishment for the local issues resolved.

For PAP 2 particular the monitoring activities, the agency posted 74% accomplishment of its targeted number of participatory monitoring and tracking. But only 45% of monitoring reports were disseminated to concerned local government units, regional field offices of the Department of Agriculture and the AFCs.

Meanwhile, the RAFC Cagayan Valley was recognized for conducting seven monitoring activities which were more than the targeted number for the 1st semester and even surpassed the annual target.

PDD Chief Elgie Namia listens to the suggestions of Regional AFCs of Luzon A Cluster during the planning workshop.

Activities on partnership agreements and stakeholder collaborations comprised PAP 3, with 60% accomplishment on partnership agreements facilitated out of the five targets for the 1st semester.

After the presentation of agency’s performance, the Partnership Development Division (PDD) and the Policy Development and Coordination Division presented to the ASBs the status of policy resolutions endorsed to the Department of Agriculture and other entities.

Variances in the targeted numbers, particularly on the policy resolutions endorsed, consultations/workshops facilitated and local issues resolved were brought up by PDD for the information of the concerned AFCs and bases for the catch-up plan for the second semester.

Likewise, PMKMD-Monitoring and Evaluation Section Chief Cyril Soliaban reported the accomplishment of the agency’s monitoring activities. Key findings and recommendations were also discussed during the presentation.

Capping off the activity, the agreement reached was presented to all concerned ASBs. A catch-up plan was plotted by the NSSCCs and the AFCs for the accomplishment of the 2018’s annual targets and deliverables. – JD