Speakers from the CRFV-CPU discuss some of the topics to PCAF regular employees from batch 1 (left) and batch 2 (right).

“We are the best!!!” A noteworthy pronouncement of the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries (PCAF) regular employees during the Values Restoration Program – Public Accountability and Values Enhancement Seminar (VRP-PAVES) on October 3 to 6, 2017 at the Apacible Conference A in Quezon City.

The activity was organized by the PCAF’s Personnel Development Committee in collaboration with the Council for the Restoration of Filipino Values-Corruption Prevention Unit (CRFV-CPU).

Almost a hundred PCAF employees attended the said seminar and were grouped into 2 batches. The first batch were scheduled on October 3 to 4 and the second batch were on October 5 to 6.

Raising accountability partners in transforming and rebuilding the nation by reinforcing positive personal values system was the main objective of the seminar. 

CRFV-CPU is an anti-corruption organization established in 1994 to curb the unabated rise of corruption in the Philippines through the restoration of world-renowned Filipino values that have been eroded by wickedness, greed, covetousness, compromise and sin.

The topics included were the introduction of 10 national illnesses and its corresponding solutions, love of God, respect for authority, stewardship, taming the tongue, sanctity of marriage, and public accountability content which include Republic Act (RA) 6713, RA 3019 and Executive Order 292.

Jesus Sison, a paralegal expert and one of the lecturers, delighted the participants through his funny antics while giving sufficient knowledge on republic acts and executive order wherein conduct of a government employee was highlighted.

Video presentations were included in the discussion as it focuses on the daily activities of a human person where values are being taken for granted. An open forum was done after the presentation of each topic where PCAF employees raised certain questions for clarifications and understanding.

Participants were encouraged to live as the son and daughter of God, which means to serve and love one another. Through this, building a nation that is free from the temptations of graft and corruption is achievable and doable.

Towards the end of the seminar, PCAF employees were group into 5 and were given series of activity.  During the group presentation, participants were able to identify things to stop, to improve and to continue in the workplace, family and most important within self.

Sison, together with his fellow lecturers led everyone in a pledge to be conscious and vigilant in injecting values at all times. The seminar ended with a prayer of commitment where PCAF employees gathered and hugged the agency’s key officials, division chiefs and section chiefs as a form of commitment in promoting and enhancing Filipino values. – JD