Good morning!

It is indeed an honor and privilege to welcome all of you in this very important event titled “Consultation-Workshop on the Poultry Industry: Challenges and Threats.”

I am pleased to see various poultry stakeholders and concerned government agencies present today which clearly reflect our collaborative approach towards strengthening our sector.

The poultry industry is expected to continually post positive growth rates and is considered very essential for the country’s food and livelihood security, rural development, and global competitiveness.

However, there are factors that have been adversely affecting the industry and preventing it to strengthen its competitiveness and sustain reasonable growth.

The recent occurrence of the Avian Influenza further contributed to the challenges faced by the industry.

On August 11, 2017, the Department of Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel “Manny” Piñol officially confirmed the presence of bird flu virus after conducting necessary laboratory tests with. Almost two weeks after this declaration, a drop in the demand for poultry products were experienced, as public fear spread among consumers.

Just a couple of weeks, it easily tainted our long standing status as the only Avian Influenza-free nation in Asia.

However, through our collective efforts, we were able to control and manage this disease.

Thanks to our keen vigilance and the dedication of all the stakeholders of the industry. Different strategies and measures were placed to prevent further spread of the virus.

In the span of these two weeks, the DA, together with our industry partners unite and worked hard in hand to face the challenge.

On a previous meeting with the DA Secretary, PCAF-CPLFC, and other stakeholders, Sec. Piñol mentioned his commitments to address the challenge that the industry is facing today.

Sec. Piñol have created a Task Force who will move around the country and educate the people, our farmers, on how to raise different poultry animals and what are the diseases they may carry.

He also suggested the creation of a roadmap that will establish a viable direction for the poultry industry for the next five years.

Let us continue to commit to the ongoing efforts to improve the situation of the Philippines’ poultry industry.

It is urgently needed to conduct a poultry forum with the objective of discussion not only the problems but more importantly the proposed solutions and the areas where the Agriculture Department would be of great assistance.

Our gathering today shows our commitment and determination towards a competitive and disease-free sector.

In order to achieve this, I am urging everyone to actively participate and recommend sound and doable recommendations that would not only address the challenges faced by the poultry industry, but to bring back the industry’s glory.

Again, thank you for coming and I wish all of you a productive meeting and good outcomes.


Date: September 19, 2017

Venue: DA Conference Room, New Building, Quezon City