Exec. Dir. Sarah Gutierrez-Cayona discusses important pointers in achieving the target goals for the year.

Thirty-two regional technical staff of the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries (PCAF) agreed to make a catch-up plan and create active strategies to achieve the remaining targets of the year during the recently concluded Mid-Year Assessment for the calendar year 2017 1st Semester Accomplishments.

The three-day assessment gathered the regional technical staff from 16 regions on June 21 to 23, 2017 at PCAF Apacible Hall in Quezon City to review their performance and accomplishments of the Agricultural and Fishery Councils (AFCs).

One of the regional technical staff presents the accomplishment of his region for the 1st semester of the year.

The call to review their approaches came out after PCAF Executive Director Sarah Gutierrez-Cayona challenged the participants to execute their tasks well and create a clearly-defined way to reach the targets.

The said assessment served as a platform to evaluate their performance, make possible adjustment and interventions to enhance their achievement.

Since 2015, PCAF has designated two regional staff in every regional level of the AFCs. They are assigned to coordinate with PCAF on the needs of the Council and assist its members.

Aside from the low accomplishment for the first semester of the year, some of the issues and concerns raised were the timely consolidation and submission of the consultation outputs and dialogues conducted, and how these can be packaged as policy resolutions that can be practically sustainable.

On the other hand, it was mentioned that the National Sectoral Committee and Strategic Concerns Committee members can be invited to act as resource person on the conduct of sectoral consultations in the regional level. This will keep the AFCs updated on the development of the agriculture and fishery industry.– JC