Members of the National Agriculture and Fisheries Council (NAF Council) Special Budget Committee (SBC) convene for a special meeting at the Apacible Hall, Department of Agriculture on July 19, 2017. As one of the functions of the SBC is to monitor the Department of Agriculture (DA) FY 2017 Plan and Budget Proposal, the said meeting aimed to present the physical and financial performance of the DA attached agencies and corporations for the 1st semester. Among the DA agencies and corporations that reported their performance for the First Semester included Agricultural Credit Policy Council, Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation, Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization and two of the DA’s special programs such as the Philippine Rural Development Plan (PRDP) and the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD). The National Irrigation Administration and the National Food Authority also reported on their accomplishment. Photo shows SBC Chairperson Dr. Rufina Salas and members of the SBC seeking clarifications on the issues and concerns pertaining to the utilization of the budget appropriated to those agencies and corporations. -JD