Good morning!

It is often said that to build a culture of participation and stakeholders engagement in an organization, it is important to include intrinsic eagerness by involving everyone into development programs and activities to enforce a cause that will not only engage their minds but also their hearts.

This is called motivation.

Throughout the years, the NAFC, now the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries or PCAF, still continues to acknowledge the importance and significance of engagement, because we know this follows motivation for stakeholders participation toward improving PCAF’s planning and budgeting processes.

These two powerful words serve as PCAF’s instrument in strengthening participation and coordination among our stakeholders from the private and government sector and from the national to the regional, provincial and municipal levels.

In order to propel agricultural growth, the government recognizes the importance of engaging Civil Society Organizations in the planning and budgeting, monitoring and implementation.

With this, the government can strengthen institutions through people empowerment, through stakeholders’ participation in the processes. This is very vital in promoting good governance, transparency and accountability especially in the allocation and utilization of public funds.

As an advocate of private sector participation, PCAF is always eager to engage our stakeholders in the process of undertaking important activities that will define our plan and budget.

This is evident in today’s activity titled “Civil Society Organization Consultation on PCAF’s 2018 Plan and Budget Proposal” and we are expecting your active participation that will surely redound not only to substantiation of our agency’s plan and budget for 2018 but ultimately to the benefit of PCAF in terms of attaining its targets particularly in the development of sound agriculture and fishery policies.

I am confident that we walk the talk and we are positive that this will progressively broaden and institutionalize the participation of our Advisory Special Bodies.

Again, thank you for coming and I am hoping that you can all help us forge a strong relationship through enhancing the operations of PCAF.


Date: March 7, 2017

Venue: DA New Building, DA Compound, Quezon City