As the Department of Agriculture’s apex policy making body on agriculture and fisheries development, PCAF highly adhere and espouses Section 25 of the Magna Carta of Women on the Right to Representation and Participation.

SECTION 25 states that:

“The State shall ensure women’s participation in policy-making or decision-making bodies in the regional, national, and international levels. It shall also ensure the participation of grassroots women leaders in decision and policy-making bodies in their respective sectors including, but not limited to, the Presidential Agrarian Reform Council (PARC) and its local counterparts; community-based resource management bodies or mechanisms on forest management and stewardship; the National Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council (NFARMC) and its local counterparts; the National Commission on Indigenous People; the Presidential Commission for the urban Poor; the National Anti-Poverty Commission; and, where applicable, the local housing boards.”

That being said, below is PCAF’s initial installment for our #BilangBabae #PartnerForChange series. These are the women of PCAF, effecting change in a man-dominated sector.

Balbina Ernesto: Inspiring women to brave a male-dominated field


#BilangBabae #PartnerforChange

In support to the 2017 Women’s Month Celebration, we asked the women of PCAF on their statement of the change they want to see on the issues they want to address. And as partners for change, what are they willing to contribute or do to make this change happen.

Below are their answers:

Sarah Gutierrez – Cayona
OIC – Executive Director
Magdalena Go
Angelina Alison
Janielle Aretha Pelonio
Floreliz Avellana
Cindy Rose Apostol
Iluminada Tanchanco