Dr. Gallego discusses the gender realities and issues to one of the batches of GBEST.

More than 70 Job Orders (JOs) of PCAF joined the challenge to support gender balance environment through a series of trainings on November 2016.

Thirty-two JOs signed up on the first batch of the Gender-based Effectiveness Skills Training (G-BEST) on November 21 to 22, while 40 JOs participated on the second batch on November 24 to 25 at the PCAF Apacible Conference Room B in Quezon City.

“Gender equality is not limited in the four walls of the office. It is also evident at home. The knowledge that this training brings should be applied not only here in the office but also at home,” said Estrella Tulay, PCAF Gender and Development Vice-Chairperson and Coordinator.

The two batches of G-BEST were facilitated by Dr. Leo Gallego, Gender Focal Person of the National Irrigation Administration- Rapid Food Production Enhancement Program.

His discussion focused on three modules. The first module centered on the mainstreaming gender, while the second module spotlighted the link between gender and Filipino culture, and module three concentrated on recognizing gender realities and issues.

Aside from focusing on the gender issues at home and at work, Dr. Gallego also tackled the same issues in the agriculture and fishery sector.

“To address this, it is not more of pulling down the men or women in the industry but advancing the position of women so both can be in a gender-balanced pace of development,” said Dr. Gallego.