The road was really rough and narrow. Admission is very synonymous to hard work, and acceptance is something you have to earn. Hindi po hinihingi ‘yon, binibigay po ‘yon.

Over the years that I’m in this group, I have seen good and not so good times of our agency. But one thing that is certain, we have tried and have been successful working together.

Life doesn’t come with formatted or official instruction. That is why in our agency, flexibility and strategy play very vital roles. But let me remind you about it, that out of flexibility and strategy, we carry out our task according to our principles and not let our principles be compromised by our tasks.

Surely, we are heading towards many challenges, but together, I know, that we can endure it all and head towards the goal of a greater light, understanding, development.

To all of you here, we are only strong as our greatest link. But just like strands of fiber, when united demonstrates superior. Very superior strength. Let us continue to nurture the very old legacy of our organization as it changed its name. Ang nagbabago lang naman po ay pangalan, the generation or administration, but we will maintain the winning and performing tradition.

Again my deepest and warmest thanks to all of you, who have been serving our agency unceasingly. Former US president Calvin Coolidge said “No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”

Happy anniversary sa ating lahat!
Happy anniversary sa PCAF!

Engr. Ariel T. Cayanan
PCAF, Executive Director